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App2SD - Save phone storage is a tool that allows you to save space on your Android device in a very simple way: by erasing everything that you don’t need.

The application shows you all the apps you have installed, both on the SD card as well as on the phone’s internal memory. Plus, it shows both of them separately, so you can easily see where each app is.

From this window you'll be able to do two basic actions: either uninstall an app, automatically erasing all of its related files; or moving an app from the device's internal memory to the SD memory card, or vice versa.

App2SD - Save phone storage will also give you the possibility of erasing each application's cache individually (you can also choose to do so by groups).

App2SD - Save phone storage is a tool with which Android users will be able to free up memory on their phones in a matter of seconds. It might not be the most powerful tool available on Google Play, but it is certainly one of the fastest and most easy-to-use.
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